March  19th, 2020



Pasco Republican Executive Committee Meeting


Thursday, February 20th, 2020


-5:30 p.m.: Social Hour


-6:30 p.m.: Meeting


-Location: Spring Hill Suites


16615 Crosspointe Run

Land O Lakes, FL 34638

Florida’s Republican Party will not be intimidated by cowardly attack.

On Saturday, Feb. 9, a man tried to run over a group of senior citizens supporting President Donald Trump who were registering voters in Jacksonville.

Following the suspect’s arrest, a police report confirmed what many already suspected: this was a politically motivated attack, perpetrated by a man who confessed a dislike for Trump and wanted to “take a stand” against Republicans.

These are divided times but political violence will never have a place in our democratic society. It runs directly counter to what America stands for — free speech, freedom of association and the free exchange of ideas without fear of retribution.

We must be unfailingly consistent in protecting the rights of those who take part in the political process, regardless of what hat they wear or who they vote for. Anything less would be an abject failure to uphold the values of our Founding Fathers.

Mayor Lenny Curry said it best following the attack: “Nowhere in our country, nowhere in our city, should anyone fear for their physical health because of their political views and political activities regardless of party.”

Unfortunately, if you live outside of the Jacksonville region, there’s a good chance you haven’t heard much about this highly newsworthy event. National media were slow to cover the attack. This is the latest example of bias from the mainstream media against Trump supporters.

If they did cover it, some mainstream outlets did so with a level of misdirection that borders on malpractice. For example, Politico ran the following headline: “Republicans vow ‘revenge’ at ballot box after volunteers nearly hit by van.”

Journalists are framing the story in terms of Republicans taking “revenge,” making us out to be aggressors mere hours after volunteers were victims of political violence.

Imagine if the sides had been flipped, and a Republican had attempted to run over a group of Democratic Party volunteers. The New York Times and Washington Post would run front-page stories mourning the state of political discourse. Washington journalists would be rushing to Jacksonville, speaking with volunteers targeted, while asking every Republican to disavow the actions.

Sadly, Republicans don’t get that kind of treatment.

Republicans in Florida and across the nation will not be silenced or deterred by this cowardly act of violence. We will remain vigilant and continue the important work of re-electing President Trump with even more enthusiasm. We will do so with decency and civility toward those who disagree with us.

Republican, Democrat, independents, it doesn’t matter. Everyone deserves to voice their opinion without fear of attack — and despite what you might hear from the media, that includes supporters of President Trump.


The Republican Party of Pasco County is a subset of the Republican Party of Florida. Our members are elected representatives from their respective voting precincts in the County. Read more about us, our clubs and get involved.



Chairman Rick Lorenz

Vice Chairman Sal Poliandro

Secretary Kirsten Moore

Treasurer Jeannie James


State Committeeman Randy Evans

State Committeewoman Sandy Graves


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MESSAGE FROM THE State Committeman

 Our American way of life is in jeopardy by "Democratic Socialists."  The Left wants the government to provide for them, instead of allowing free market capitalism to drive prices lower and force competition.  They want to obstruct every great thing President Trump has done or will do, to Make America Great Again.  They want open borders, eliminate Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), extra bathrooms for the "Gender Confused," raise the minimum wage, free college, and give everyone free healthcare.  What's next, free gas?  Free clothes? Free cars?  When does it stop?  Nothing is free - someone has to pay for it!  How is paying for everyones "free" stuff make mine cheaper?  I would much rather work and pay for it than have it given to me. 


Folks, it's socialism or Trump.  We need every Republican and No Party Affiliation (NPA) voter, and freedom loving Democrats to vote the Republican ticket to support President Trump.  We can defeat the Left and those who do not support our great president, but you must vote!  


If you have not voted, please use our "Endorsed Candidates" tab to see our vetted and recommended candidates and State Constitutional Amendments.  Then refer your friends and family to our website and tell them they must vote today.  Our future is in the balance.     


Thousands have given their precious lives fighting for our freedom to vote for our way of life, please don't let their sacrifice be in vain.  Vote today!     



Yours in service,

Randy Evans, State Committeman Pasco  


Pasco REC Next Meeting Agenda






Chairman: Rick Lorenz

Vice Chairman: Sal Poliandro

Treasurer: Jeannie James

Secretary: Kirsten Moore

State Committeeman: Randy Evans

State Committeewoman: Sandy Graves  

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